About Us


A co-creative. It's a partnership. A marriage. A family. A business. A passion...but mostly it is a way of life.

FunkShineAll is about functional art in our daily lives. We want to make the commonplace in your life a little more inspiring. Finding a way to see and appreciate the beauty in the small things, allows us to change our entire perspective and reality. Pretty simple right?

Good stuff shouldn't cost the earth, or our morals. So, all our products are organic, fair trade, recyclable and as low impact as we can make them and we only support businesses we believe have similar principles. Our focus is local, home made and in small batches. If it makes you feel good, it has to be good for everyone, the earth included. It's really just about love.

We love what we do, and do what we love, and we want to share that. Love is better when it's shared.