Our Promise...

Our focus is to use the best environmental practice possible. From using recycled packaging, to minimising carbon footprint, we aim to constantly improve how we create, so our impact on the earth is a positive one.
Made by small businesses based at home with small batch processing methods. Products are made with love, and time and care. This means some products may vary slightly from each other as none are churned from a production line. 
All ingredients are fair trade where possible so you can be confident the supply chain is the best it can be. Organic ingredients are used, ensuring we support healthy growing practices for the planet and local products are preferred whenever they are available.
All our collaborators, from the supply chain down, have similar values. We choose to work with people and businesses who care for the planet, its plants, animals and people. They also desire to create beautiful products which enhance the way we live and the environment in which we live, in every way possible.