The Fold Over Clutch - Kangaroo Paws

Remarkable things, the claws of the kangaroo. They can dig deep into the dirt. Attack those who threaten. Are on the fore and hind feet and are remarkably strong.

Fortunately, this bag is nothing like the claws of a Kangaroo, but the Kangaroo Paw plant does grace itself boldly in the cotton, next to the washable paper. A deep fold-over clutch with single zipper and button close, this bag would be great as a pencil case, make up bag or keeper or keepsakes...

Size: 24cm x 18.5cm closed 24cm x 32cm open

Hand Made with love and in the spirit of pure creativity, these lovely one-off creations feature some of the following;

*Cork, a renewable material harvested from cork trees, is an alternative to leather with many of the same properties such as water resistance.

*Washable Paper

*Vegan leather

*Unusual fabrics

Buying this you know you are supporting a creative, environmentally minded mum.


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