Bath Bomb with Honey & Lavender

Nina’s Bees Lavender & Honey Bath Bomb is lovingly handcrafted at the boutique apiary in the Blue Mountains, using only natural ingredients, the finest organic oils and their own honey. This aromatic bomb of fizziness will make bath time fun for kids and adults alike. It will leave even the most sensitive skin silky and smooth. The Lavender will aid in relaxation.

Nina's inspiration for this product was her children, who spend hours in the bath.

This fizzy bath bomb always brings excitement. Kids love the fizz. They love how the water turns milky and chasing the tiny roses and cornflower petals. Knowing that this fizz makes their skin moisturized and nourished is very rewarding.

Honey, milk, corn starch and baking soda sooth and calm any skin irritations, organic oils nourish the skin, and Lavender promotes relaxation.

Drop your Lavender & Honey bath bomb into your bath or crumble it under the running water.

Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Organic Oatmeal, Corn Starch, Cows Milk, Organic Shea Butter, Nina’s Bees Honey, Organic Virgin Olive Oil, Lavender Essential Oils

Please use caution when getting out of the bath, the wonderful oils might make your feet slippery. A moderate amount of botanicals are used in the the bath bombs, just enough to enjoy the bath but not too much to make the cleaning difficult afterwards.

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