A Day without Deodorant is the Pits

A Day Without Deodorant Is The Pits

A vegan plant based deodorant which lasts throughout the day, no matter what you are doing.

Deodorant that works, BUT HOW EXACTLY?

I have never used natural deodorant before. How is it different to regular deodorant?
FSA deodorant does not contain any toxins. It DOES contain organic, natural and ethically sourced ingredients. FSA deodorant is not an anti-perspirant. It will absorb your sweat but it will not stop you from sweating, so you are not hindering what the body is naturally meant to do.

FSA deodorant containers and labels are recyclable and jars are reusable. FSA deodorant is vegan, hand made, in small batches, with love. No nasty spray can to dispose of, no aerosols, no single use plastic.

FSA deodorant has a forest fresh aroma and is suitable for men and women, shaved, waxed or haired!

How do I apply?
Dip, Dab, Rub it on!

After showering, apply a small amount to your finger and wipe over dry armpits. You need just enough to cover lightly. The oils in your deodorant are chosen specifically to combat bacteria and fungus however you should always use clean fingers before applying. Some people feel inclined to do a little dance during and after application. We find it pretty effective in ensuring a great day ahead.

How long will a jar last?
This depends on how much you use of course, but a rule of thumb is about 3 months for a jar. You can subscribe in the checkout to have it sent to you automatically as regularly as you like for a discount. You can cancel anytime.

Will it melt in hot temperatures?

It will soften and harden depending on the temperature. The consistency has no bearing on the effectiveness of the deodorant. If it heats and cools repeatedly you may experience some crystalisation. Warm between fingers before applying first, or, enjoy the sensation of an armpit scrub! Bonus!

Will it work all day and night with one application?
Yes, it will. It will work through vigorous exercise though you may need to reapply after swimming.

Will it stain my clothes?
No. It will not stain your clothes. Be sure to let it dry a few moments before dressing.

What if I have a reaction?

Some people when detoxing from regular deodorant, will develop a reaction. If this occurs, you should stop using and apply colloidal silver until it calms down. It can take some time to detox and you can try again in a few days or weeks or try a pit detox program.

I’m pregnant. Can I use it?
Some of the essential oils in the deodorant are not recommended for use when pregnant so please check with your health professional before applying.

The Key Ingredients: Organic Unrefined Fair Trade Shea Butter comes from the Karite Tree, otherwise known as the Tree of Life. It is a great skin softener, conditioner and skin healer. Rich in Vitamin A and E, this premium quality Shea Butter contains the same moisturisers the skin produces and is an easily and naturally absorbed anti-inflammatory. Organic Coconut Oil is also a great moisturiser and skin repairer. Organic Sodium Bicarbonate, naturally derived and not synthetically produced like it usually is, absorbs sweat and is a mild antiseptic. This works brilliantly to keep you dry and wick away moisture as well as remove odour in conjunction with Organic Arrowroot powder, (so named as it was used to treat those shot with poisonous arrows in times past. Important to know you are safe if your pits get hit by arrows - phew!). Camellia Oil (Tea Seed Oil) is actually Green Tea Oil. This gorgeous oil is a gentle moisturiser, healer, is antibacterial, and has been used for centuries in China for beauty and facial treatments. Throw in some toxin removing Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth and you have the key  ingredients in our gorgeous 'keep yourself fresh 'pit paste. I have also included selected high grade essential oils to complement this combination for aroma, cleansing of the skin and anti-fungal and anti-septic properties. Your pits will now be the cleanest part of your body! The combination is a forest fresh smell, subtle and suitable for men and women alike.  You may not know you are wearing it but you will certainly know if you aren’t!