Moroccan Mud Shampoo Bar

Who is it for?

Everyone – especially perfect for people with dry scalp, thick unruly, frizzy hair, or just want hair to be smoothed and tames- users tell us that their colour (chemical or natural) is enriched and enhanced, and that they wash their hair far less.

What is it?

Rhassoul clay (widely known in the Arab world as Ghassoul clay) a very special clay from beneath the Atlas mountains in Morocco in Northern Africa, that “soaps” slightly, and washes like soap. Has been used in beauty care for 1500 years to deep cleanse, condition and moisturize the hair and skin.

Traditionally handmade to a gentle centuries-old formula - chemical-free, solid shampoo bars.  Made with the finest natural conditioning plant oils such as raw castor, olive and coconut with Leatherwood beeswax for gloss – to clean hair thoroughly and gently, without stripping the hair’s natural oils so necessary for moisture and condition.

The colour of the bar directly reflects the essential oils, herbs, spices, flowers, fruits clays, honey and botanicals used to make it.

Smooth and silky – is extraordinarily rich in trace minerals-and leaves the hair and scalp smoothed, moisturized, silked and soft. The bar has a rich citrus spicy scent from orange and coriander oil.

Ingredients: Coconut oil; Mount Wellington spring water (soap nut infused); olive pomace oil; castor oil; sunflower oil; Leatherwood beeswax; soy wax; Rhassoul mud; French red clay; Tasmanian seaweed extract; essential oils (Orange, Vertiver, Ylang ylang & Tagets); Sodium borate (Borax)

Totally free of harsh synthetic detergents (Sodium Laureth Sulphate) that dries your hair and scalp and pollutes our planet.


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