Blue Art Deco Style Wallet

The Gladys….

A wallet for the free spirit….

She dances to a beat no-one else can hear…but you can see it when she moves beneath the undulating crystal chandeliers, their faded rose dewdrops catching the light. She is comfortable in her skin, but not comfortable with the way things are and she’s not afraid to challenge it, in the ballroom or street market, this lady goes anywhere.

The Gladys sneaks in 2 money purses and a card wallet safely behind zips, opens with a magnetic button and is trimmed in rather cool washable paper.

Size: 20cm x 12cm

Hand Made with love and in the spirit of pure creativity, these lovely one-off creations feature some of the following;

*Cork, a renewable material harvested from cork trees, is an alternative to leather with many of the same properties such as water resistance.

*Washable Paper

*Vegan leather

*Unusual fabrics

Buying this you know you are supporting a creative, environmentally minded mum.


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