Vitality Bath Salts

Now is not the time to be insulted, get "in" the bath and salted

A delish blend of pure essential oils of Cypress, Bergamot and Clary Sage, these pure Epsom Salts will have the stress and tension evaporating from your body like sweat on a windy day. This blend is designed to enliven, strengthen and energise so you can bound with enthusiasm into your next big won't find any dreamy ole lavender floating round here, no sir!

These premium quality Epsom salts are lauded the world over for their therapeutic wonders and regular soaking is a super effective way to maximise your magnesium levels. Unless you are growing your own organic veges in some pristine untouched wilderness (why the heck are you here? and please call me, I'd like to join you.. ) then we all need more magnesium.

If you are planning on taking on the corporate capitalist juggernaut of society, saving the planet from the impending doom of climate change, rallying for compassionate and fair treatment of minority groups and deep social change,  while rolling your eyes that we seem to be further than ever from equality... whilst organising a toddler's birthday party, then you are not alone....there are many of us out there...and this is the stuff to help you succeed! *

Just add some FunkShineAll deodorant when you've dried off and you are as good as gold to go.

*According to the TGA, I cannot claim these products cure, alleviate or succeed in removing conditions, so please note bathing in these salts does not guarantee the end of capitalist systems, end climate change, deliver equality or ensure there will be no tears at the toddler party. But you will feel better in the process :)





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